Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Suggest a book for review

Reviewers, please use the comments function in this post to make suggestions of book (or CD) titles to be reviewed here/acquired by the library.

Only reviews of books actually acquired by the library will be posted online; but if you wish to do an 'on spec' review of a book you have read and submit it to Fr. Lawrence for approval, we will consider placing a copy of the book in the library. e-mail it to me matdonna {at} shaw dot ca

Readers of this blog, we also want to hear your suggestions of titles for consideration-- please mention them in your comments. If you have an URL to a review and/or preview of the book, please include it in your comment post.

Authors and publishers may also suggest/offer us a copy of their own books this way, or e-mail me matdonna {at} shaw dot ca Please note we cannot guarantee a review

Books awaiting Reviewers

This post will list titles the library has already acquired that we want to post reviews on soon. There will be a sidebar link to this post for future access.

Signed-up reviewers: Please use the comments function to this post to volunteer to review one of the listed titles only.

There will be a separate post and link for both signed up reviewers and other blog readers to suggest or request other titles to be reviewed.

Titles currently waiting for review:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Note to Saint Herman's book reviewers

We are changing the name of the library from "Kenosis" which no longer seems to fit. The Three Holy Hierarchs will now be our patrons, as they are patrons of learning.

I don't know yet what I'll do with the title and URL of this blog-- both may change, along with the look of it-- but meanwhile, if you have agreed to be a volunteer reviewer, you will be added to the author list here. You don't need to do anything else at the moment.

Further news will be announced when we have it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

test first posting

Kenosis Book Reviews from the Library & Bookstore of St. Herman's Parish Langley BC

Contributors to this blog will be reviewing recommended books from the library/bookstore at St. Herman's parish. Reviews or excerpts may also appear in our monthly newsletter, and/or be offered to our Archdiocese's newsletter.

Publishers/authors, please mail your review copies to:

(mailing address TBA)

We regret we cannot guarantee a review of every book submitted.

This blog will go live in the New Year or possibly sooner. At present the Kenosis library & bookstore is undergoing inventory and cataloguing. Watch this space for news and events!