Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Suggest a book for review

Reviewers, please use the comments function in this post to make suggestions of book (or CD) titles to be reviewed here/acquired by the library.

Only reviews of books actually acquired by the library will be posted online; but if you wish to do an 'on spec' review of a book you have read and submit it to Fr. Lawrence for approval, we will consider placing a copy of the book in the library. e-mail it to me matdonna {at} shaw dot ca

Readers of this blog, we also want to hear your suggestions of titles for consideration-- please mention them in your comments. If you have an URL to a review and/or preview of the book, please include it in your comment post.

Authors and publishers may also suggest/offer us a copy of their own books this way, or e-mail me matdonna {at} shaw dot ca Please note we cannot guarantee a review

Books awaiting Reviewers

This post will list titles the library has already acquired that we want to post reviews on soon. There will be a sidebar link to this post for future access.

Signed-up reviewers: Please use the comments function to this post to volunteer to review one of the listed titles only.

There will be a separate post and link for both signed up reviewers and other blog readers to suggest or request other titles to be reviewed.

Titles currently waiting for review: