Thursday, November 10, 2011

NEW BOOKS....but please be patient!

While at the AAC in Seattle, I was able to get a number of new books for the bookstore and library. We had a  limited budget, so I thought I had best spend the largest amount on Orthodox books for Children, which are hard to come by through other channels, and are much needed for our growing tribe of youngsters. There are also a few other books for adults.

These are in a box in the library at the moment, but we have to get them catalogued and labeled, and that will be up to Maria and Wendy, who are as busy as everyone else. So please feel free to have a look at what we have there. If you are really dying to read a particular book, let us know and it will be the first to get processed!

You will also find a few items like small card icons and pins in the bookstore which you are welcome to for any size donation-- if Maria isn't around, just put the money in the candle tin.