Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lenten Reading

First Fruits of Prayer: A Forty-Day Journey through the Canon of St. Andrew by Frederica Mathewes-Green.

I read this last Lent as a devotional. It's a nice way to learn something about the Canon, which we serve Monday and Tuesday in the first week of Lent (as well as in the fifth week, when the life of Mary of Egypt is read).

We have a 'super-loan' copy in the library right now if you want to have a look; and a couple of copies for purchase in the book store too.

Another book I can recommend for Lent is Egeria's Travels. This Western pilgrim to the church in Jerusalem described for her 4th Century audience the Lenten and Holy Week customs of the Holy Land, and her account is just as fascinating for us today.

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FriarWade said...

'First Fruits of Prayer' is a wonderful Lenten companion!

Peace be with you!

Fr. Wade+
Lakeland, FL